Sanitisation Corona Virus


Antiviral Sanitisation, Disinfection  and Cleaning Services for Residential and Commercial Properties. Choose home or office sanitising, disinfection fogging or deep cleaning services to protect your living and working spaces.

If  you want to reopen your office or commercial space as soon as possible, you may want to consider a sanitation deep clean for the following reasons:

  • A deep clean may provide peace of mind for your staff using the building, even if there may be a low probability that any live virus (capable of causing infection) will be present.
  • Before applying a disinfectant, surfaces should to cleaned first. If a disinfectant is applied without cleaning beforehand (possibly using a sprayer or fogging machine). The whole sanitation process may not be as effective due to poor and uneven contact by the disinfecting agent. By cleaning first using suitable detergents, descalers and other cleaning agents, not only will any disinfectant treatment be more effective, but surfaces will likely look cleaner too.